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Bad candy is coming and the 100 minute feature film is sure to scare us away for this spooky season ahead. Local myths bring us the scares we long for in the fall and when we go out for Halloween and Bad candyThe new trailer for is a perfect look at these ghosts and fears.

Directed and written by Scott B. Hansen and Desiree Connell and featuring Zach Galligan, Derek Russo, and Corey taylor, the trailer gives us a taste of the horror stories that come to life during the Halloween season! Steve Gebara, Richard Fitzpatrick, Mitchell Cox, Bret Disend, Connell, Hansen and Jacob Kosher serve as producers for the film.

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There are a lot of movies that revolve around the scares we get from Halloween. Let him be tormented by Goose bumps like kids or get a little more twisted with movies like Freddy and beyond, we like to be afraid when the leaves start to change color and Bad candyThe trailer for seems to be a perfect addition to our seasonal haunts.

The press release describes Bad candy as following:

On Halloween night in New Salem, radio DJs Chilly Billy (Corey Taylor) and Paul (Zach Galligan) tell a twisted anthology of terrifying local myths. The townspeople experience horrific encounters. paranormal that lead them to a sinister end. ”

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the movie and the characters we’ll meet along the way. And like any good anthology series, it delves into the local myths that thrive during Halloween. It’s vibrant, terrifying, and the perfect trailer to prepare us for fall and the upcoming horror movie series. Maybe after watching Bad candy, we’ll all think twice before calling our local radio show to tell a scary story, right? At least not on Halloween night. It could lead to… well, hopefully not a horrific ending like with these characters.

Prepare for the spooky season with Bad candy in select theaters on September 10 and on VOD on September 14 and Blu-ray on September 28.

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