AZRAEL: Samara Weaving ready to star in a new horror film to come

Samara Weaving Comes Aboard for Another Horror Movie

queen of horror movies, Samara weaving, was thrown into another scare fest; this one is titled Azrael.

She’s already starred in one of the best horror movies of the past five years, Ready or Notand was cast in the next terrifying follow-up photo to this year’s sequel Scream, Cry 6. Now very interesting and talented actress Samara Weaving has been chosen for Azraelan action/horror image of Simon Barrett, the writer of the upcoming 2024 studio tentpole film, Godzilla vs. Kong 2. This upcoming horror project, Azraelwas considered one of the most anticipated upcoming horror pictures despite revealing a small part of the film’s story.


Barrett also wrote the 2013 horror film, you are next, which is one of the most acclaimed horror films of the last decade. It starred Barrett in a supporting role as the tiger mask wearing culprit in the highly intelligent and suspenseful film which featured masked killer suspects. Now, Azraelis considered a movie with franchise potential and Weaving’s presence certainly raised an eyebrow or two in Hollywood given Weaving’s track record of picking winners.

In 2019, Weaving’s boundless performance in the major horror film, Ready or Not, turned out to be a star role. Weaving starred alongside excellent performers in Fear Fest which starred Adam Brody and Andie MacDowell. This movie holds an 88% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was about a woman trying to escape the clutches of a crazed family during a twisted game set in an oversized mansion.

Most recently, Weaving was cast in the upcoming holiday drama release, Babylon. She will be alongside Brad Pitt, Tobey Maguire and Margot Robbie among others. Damien Chazelle (The Earth) is leading the high-profile project which is set to walk away with some major Oscar nominations early next year.

Weaving was seen last spring in the romantic comedy, The valet, which played on Hulu and won the actress many new fans. Weaving played a movie star who teams up with an average Joe in an attempt to reestablish himself in the media after a major scandal. To his surprise, the movie star ends up falling in love with the common man, a valet.

While Weaving will take charge of the next high-profile event Scream “requel” with his formidable presence, all eyes will also be on his next foray into horror after that, Azrael which is written by one of the most brilliant horror scribes working today. The weave is also almost a doppelganger for co-star Margot Robbie who will be cast in the Oscar bait film, Babylonall the more interesting.

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