Apple sues Ukrainian director over ‘Apple-Man’ comedy

We’re used to seeing Apple embroiled in multiple disputes over its products and services, but this one is a little different. The Cupertino-based company has filed a lawsuit against Ukrainian independent filmmaker Vasyl Moskalenko, who wrote the comedy film titled “Apple-Man.”

The first thing you might assume is that the movie has something about Apple (the company), but it doesn’t. Instead, the film is a satire of famous superheroes as the main character has the superpower to levitate apples (yes, the fruit). The film was funded through Kickstarter, which raised approximately $120,000.

However, Apple’s legal department seems to have been less than thrilled that the company’s name was associated with a comedy film. iPhones in Canada reports that Apple has sent a notice of objection and initiated legal proceedings against “Apple-Man” and director Moskalenko.

While the Apple-Man The director said his film had already been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), Apple is seeking to have the trademark application denied by mounting “aggressive opposition”.

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Moskalenko, fearing that consumers are likely to believe that Apple-Man is “associated with, or endorsed, endorsed or provided by Apple,” the company said in a 467-page court filing.

Moskalenko argues that Apple’s lawsuit is “brand bullying” since the film makes no mention of Apple products. The director fears he may have to spend all the crowdfunding money on litigation or even be forced to “delete” the film.

My film is about apples, fruits. […] I’m going to have to spend almost all of my Kickstarter money on litigation. […] If my registration were refused, there is no guarantee that Apple would not require the deletion of my film after its release.

While Moskalenko hopes to resolve the situation with Apple, the company has not provided any statement on the matter.

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