Anniversary of the “Fight Club”: How the film predicted September 11 and Trump



As Tyler sees it, society has them for men. It’s the old schoolyard mockery, “Girls rule, boys drool,” except the whole country is the schoolyard. In his opinion, toxic masculinity does not exist; or, rather, masculinity is only toxic when bottled, without permission, which is why he created Fight Club. He believes that for men spiritual salvation comes through physical violence. And while he’s not gay, on the contrary – Tyler is a muffin supreme – he’s homosocial. Women are not trustworthy. Men had better stick to their own kind. (The only maternal presence in Fight club is Bob, identified by his “slutty boobs,” a former bodybuilder whose steroid abuse resulted in testicular cancer and in whose embrace Jack occasionally seeks solace.)

Men’s rights groups, many of whom have adopted Fight Club like their bible – “Tyler Durden lives!” Is a frequent message on their message boards – think Tyler is about the money.


Pitt and Aniston weren’t married, let alone divorced, in 1999. Fight Club, however, already knew the couple were doomed. “I want you to have an abortion,” said a Marla in love – or maybe craving for cock – to Tyler, the idea of ​​this really mean naughty movie. In fact, the line, which appears in Palahniuk’s book and Jim Uhls’ screenplay, was cut at the insistence of a horrified Laura Ziskind, one of the Fight Club, who agreed to accept what Fincher proposed as an alternative. (The alternative, “I haven’t been fucked like this since elementary school,” horrified her even more but she had given her word.)

When news broke that Pitt and Aniston were going their separate ways, actor Eva Longoria was pictured wearing a T-shirt that read, “I’m having your baby, Brad.” This was his response to the rumor – unfounded and unfair, for that matter – that Aniston’s refusal to start a family was the reason for the separation. It’s also a riff, although he doesn’t know, on Palahniuk’s original dialogue.


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