American Horror Story Fans Go On Strike Until Ryan Murphy Releases AHS 11 Details

August 1, 2022, 5:20 p.m. | Updated: August 1, 2022, 5:41 PM

American Horror Story Season 10 aired in August 2021.

american horror story fans are done! Done! Be fed up! So much so that they go on strike until AHS creator Ryan Murphy spits out some details about the upcoming eleventh season.

Since AHS premiered in 2011, fans were absolutely obsessed. Every year, AHS presents us with a new theme with new characters and after being renewed for three more seasons in 2020, people were eagerly waiting for details about season 11.

Season 10, titled American Horror Story: Double Feature, was released in August 2021. So that must mean we’ll be getting season 11 pretty soon… right? RIGHT? Well, no, not exactly. There is currently no news on when AHS season 11 will air – much to the disappointment of american horror storyThe very loyal fanbase and dedicated fan accounts.

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When does American Horror Story season 11 air?

American Horror Story Fans Go On Strike Until Ryan Murphy Releases AHS 11 Details

American Horror Story fans go on strike until Ryan Murphy releases AHS 11 details.

Picture: FX

Now the people behind the AHS The accounts have decided to go on strike, claiming that Ryan is deliberately keeping Season 11 details secret.

Last week (July 25), AHS Zone announced that they would boycott the show’s release until Ryan reveals more about the upcoming season. “Beginning August 1, many AHS news accounts will participate in a social media blackout and will not promote @AHSFX or #AHStories until #AHS11 is officially recognized,” reads- on in the tweet along with an open letter to Ryan and FX.

The letter read: “As of August 1, we will not be posting on Aamerican horror story Season 11 or so American Horror Stories season 2 until such a time comes that the mothership series receives official and overdue acknowledgment of its existence.

“This can take the form of a logo reveal, premiere date, title announcement, casting confirmation, plot details, raffle website launch raffle, key artwork or other substantial form of promotion.”

Now other fan accounts – AHS Daily, AHS Source, Horror Story News and AHS News Feed – have also joined the social media blackout in protest.

Ryan did not address the fan account strike, however, he blocked the AHS Zone Instagram account after the announcement of the failure.


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