Alex Winter returns to horror with “Destroy All Neighbors”!

Adam Wingardaction slasher The guest *sort of* got a sequel this year with The guest II: soundtrack, an official follow-up project that took the form of a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t actually exist. But what about a real legitimate sequel to the 2014 film?

Talk with empire onlineWingard suggests that the creation of the official soundtrack of The Guest II may very well have lit a creative fire under Simon Barrette and himself.

“It really pushed me and Simon [Barrett] in a creative headspace,” Wingard told Empire. “We’re talking about developing a potential sequel as a real project.”

Wingard also notes in chat with Empire that The guest star Dan Stevens”I’d love to do it,” and he suggests the potential project might not take the form of a movie.

“Perhaps the most interesting thing isn’t doing a sequel to The guest“Wingard told Empire. “Maybe it’s about doing a limited series, something we could really sink our teeth into.”

Barrett also spoke todaytweeting the following: “It’s true, I admit the response to the soundtrack surprised me. I think we’ve finally landed on an idea that we’re excited about and won’t disappoint everyone, but it won’t be soon. There is a lot to work on first.

by Adam Wingard The guest was written by Simon Barrett, and it basically mixes the best of terminator and John Carpenter Halloween. Dan Stevens stars as “David”, a soldier who introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their dead son. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be linked to his presence. Maika Monroe co-stars like Anna Peterson.

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