Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus will travel together in unscripted travel comedy ‘101 Places to Party Before You Die’ this summer

Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus will star in a new truTV unscripted series called 101 places to party before you diecoming this summer.


What is happening:

  • Based on the best-selling book 101 places to get high before you dietruTV has just announced an unscripted travel comedy series titled 101 places to party before you die during ATC press event.
  • The series will feature longtime friends Adam Pally (happy endings) and Jon Gabrus (Game over, man!) as they visit popular party destinations.
  • The scheduled stops for the eight half-hour episodes are Maui, Moab, Miami, Puerto Rico, Portland, Richmond, Atlanta and Denver.
  • 101 places to party before you die is produced by Shed Media in association with Clone Wolf, Inc., High and Mighty Productions, Inc., 3 Arts Entertainment, Inc. and Artists First for Warner Bros. Unscripted television.
  • Dan Peirson, Lisa Shannon, Michael Rucker, Julie Golden, Adam Pally, Jon Gabrus, Greg Walter, Josh Lieberman, Tucker Voorhees and Brian Steinberg serve as executive producers.
  • Michael Rucker also serves as showrunner.

About 101 places to party before you die:

  • A bromance for the ages, 101 places to party before you die follows accidental travel hosts Pally and Gabrus who are given a wife-sanctioned three-day weekend to venture across the United States to different destinations to experience all they have to offer. Thinking outside the box, the guys champion the authenticity of every stop and share their love of the unexplored with viewers. Even after 15 years of friendship and adventure, they still have so much to discover, from unique foods and drinks to local sights and other quirks that make every city vibrate.
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