Abhishek Bachchan: The attention of the public had unfortunately become the box office

Abhishek Bachchan’s Last Five Consecutive Releases All Came Out When The Covid Pandemic Hit Us

Abhishek Bachchan’s last five consecutive releases all came out when the Covid pandemic hit us. Ludo, The Big Bull, Breathe-Into The Shadows, Bob Biswas, and recently Dasvi have all been released straight to the web, with the exception of Breathe which was a web show to begin with.

As theaters are back on track, so are discussions around box office numbers. The 46-year-old was unfazed, however, when his films had to go the OTT route. “I am an actor, my job is to act. Obviously we love being on the big screen, but I think a huge benefit of being on a streaming platform is the kind of reach you have. The audience here is much more than theaters,” he shares.

He goes on to add that the penetration of the film into the interior parts is fantastic. “Whether it’s Ludo, The Big Bull…what I heard for Dasvi was that 400 million people were going to get access to it on the web. At the touch of a button or in the palm of your hand. Even if for the sake of argument, 10% of that number decided to see it in theaters, that’s 40 million. Take the average ticket price which is 120 in India, you do the math. The number is staggering. They’re just there, the kind of people who are going to watch the movie,” says Bachchan. He will next be seen in the third season of Breathe.

What had started happening a few years ago, and still continues today, was that even the ordinary people who form a movie’s audience had started rating a movie based on its collections. “How good that OTT platforms don’t publish this data. Unfortunately, over time, the public has focused on the box office. For a very long time before, for 80-90 years, it was whether the film was good or not. The number of days a movie theater ran was the focus, and it was a side effect of whether the movie was good or not,” he recalls.

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