A Colombian director releases a film on “the American dream”

Carlos Hurtado, Diego Camargo and Walther Luengas star in “Un parero en Nueva York”, the new film by Harold Trompetero, which will be released this Thursday, August 18 in national cinemas, but which will also premiere in Peru, in Spain and New York for the Latino community in those cities.

Trompetero’s film reflects the importance of friendship, love and loyalty, as well as the struggles of the Latino community who decides to migrate in search of the American dream.

This story touches the hearts of Latinos and the Colombian director, as part of the plot is based on the filmmaker’s own experiences while living in the Big Apple. It is therefore a source of particular emotion for him to know that this film crosses borders.

“Immigrating is a very difficult thing, and doing it in a city like New York is even more complicated,” Trompetero said in an interview with the Efe news agency about the theme that inspired him for this film.

The official song of the film, “Un parero en NY”, was composed by Camilo Baena in tribute to all the people who, for one circumstance or another, had to leave their country, to these migrants who go through all kinds of experiences to live outside their land and thus manage to help their loved ones from a distance.

“Un parero en Nueva York” is a project of Trompetero Producciones, and has brought together for the film a cast composed of the interpreters Carlos Hurtado, who plays the main role, Judith Segura, Walter Luengas, Erika Glasser, Francisco Bolivar, Tavo Bernate, Tato Cepeda and Diego Camargo, in addition to the stellar appearance of the band’s singer Camilo Baena, who makes his big screen debut.

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