5 Underrated Horror Movies About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often a sweet and exciting time. But since these 9 months are full of thinking about the future and worrying about sleep training and diaper changes and how life will be altered, it’s no wonder this topic has become the a favorite in the horror genre. There are plenty of horror movies that explore the subject of pregnancy, whether a woman is pregnant with a demon, the doctors are working on something sinister behind the scenes that she is unaware of, or she sees ghosts in her house.


There’s nothing scarier than delivering a baby and knowing something awful is going on. These horror movies turn pregnancy into an incredibly scary experience, and they’re worth watching.

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Ilana Glazer at the doctor's office as Lucy in False Positive

Co-written by Ilana Glazer and John Lee, False positive stars Glazer as a horny young woman named Lucy who is finally pregnant after trying for a long time. She seems to have an idyllic life with her husband Adrian (Justin Theroux) and she has a great writing career. But before too long, Lucy wonders if this pregnancy is peaceful, and she begins to suspect the brilliant fertility doctor John Hindle (Pierce Brosnan) who helped her conceive. It definitely counts as a feminist horror movie, as Lucy’s male co-workers and boss take away a great deal while she waits.

False positive has all the paranoia and worry of Rosemary’s baby. Sophia Bush shines as Corgan, another pregnant woman who befriends Lucy but may know more about what’s going on than Lucy. The film is chilling and disturbing while having something meaningful to say about the lengths people will go to to retain power and control.

Billie Lourd as Liv in American Horror Stories episode Ba'al

Although this is one installment in an anthology series, it feels like a movie because it’s a tight, self-contained story. By comparing each episode of American Horror Stories, “Ba’al” stands out as a brilliant look at pregnancy. Liv Whitley (Billie Lourd) wants a baby more than anything, and when the receptionist at her fertility clinic gives her a mysterious figure that’s supposed to help her conceive, Liv is in for it.

The entire episode has a spooky tone and with muted white, gray and beige colors, it’s hard not to be scared as Liv walks through her giant house and keeps seeing a demon above her baby’s crib. This episode has everything horror fans could want: a clever main character examining the truth, a clever jump scare or two that feels well deserved, and a nice twist.

Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall look at each other in The Gift

Gift tells the story of Robyn (Rebecca Hall) and Simon Callem (Jason Bateman) who move to Los Angeles and end up with Gordo (Joel Edgerton), a creepy guy Simon used to know.

The film becomes more terrifying when Robyn is pregnant and Gordo becomes even more embroiled in their lives. It’s the kind of horror movie where evil wins out, even as the audience learns that Simon isn’t so innocent and is responsible for a terrible incident that changed Gordo’s life forever. . In this gruesome movie, Robyn’s pregnancy is grim and anything but peaceful as it turns out there’s more to the story.

Alice Lowe as pregnant Ruth in Prevenge

In the tradition of horror comedies, the 2016 British film Prevent is about pregnant Ruth (Alice Lowe) coping with the loss of her husband. She soon realizes that her baby is making her commit murder. The film includes many doctor’s appointments and details about having a baby, as Ruth talks to midwives and has a C-section.

In Prevent, having a baby is terrifying because after Ruth delivers her little one, she doesn’t know if her baby is evil or not, and she has to come to terms with and deal with her grief as well as the murders she has committed all this time . The movie is definitely dark and disturbing, but tells a new story about pregnancy that isn’t seen in other horror movies.

Amanda Crew and Adam Brody standing outside at Isabelle

Chances are this 2018 horror flick has gone unnoticed, but it does offer commentary on the pain of a miscarriage. In Isabella, Larissa (Amanda Crew) and Matt Kane (Adam Brody) move into a new home while being thrilled with their pregnancy. After Larissa loses the baby, she begins to have a vision of a woman next door, and her days become a mixture of grief and worry.

While the movie is predictable and not very well done, it’s definitely creepy and has a great vibe, as the couple’s new street in Saratoga Springs is peaceful yet unnerving in its own way.

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