5 Horror Movies From The 2000s That Didn’t Hold Up

Rewatching any genre of film from the 2000s will always be an interesting experience. Of course, hairstyles and clothing styles have changed a lot, so these things will stand out right away. When horror fans revisit films from this period, some stories that were originally scary no longer fit the bill, and sometimes plot twists fall flat and characters seem boring.

From sequel to beloved The Blair Witch Project aside from a few remakes of classic films, there are several horror movies from the 2000s that haven’t aged very well. Fans of the genre can certainly overlook them when perusing films from this decade.


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While the Blair Witch ProjectThe monster is scary and at least makes the original movie scary, the sequel doesn’t hold up, mostly because it feels like a repeat experience from the first movie.

This time, the main characters are fans of The Blair Witch Project movie and the legend of the supernatural presence in the woods. They travel to Black Hills and want to see for themselves if it’s real or not. When contemporary horror audiences watch this sequel, it doesn’t seem as unsettling as it should. There are many other paranormal horror movies worth watching. Since The Blair Witch Project doesn’t look all that scary when viewed today, since the shock is gone, it’s easy to tell the sequel doesn’t pack much of a punch either.

While Tony Shalhoub is a great actor, the 2001 remake of the 1960 film Thirteen ghosts doesn’t hold up well today. Shalhoub’s character, Arthur Kritocs, moves into a mansion with his children Bobby (Alec Roberts) and Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) and, of course, the place is haunted.

The movie has a funny ending with nanny Maggie (Rah Digga) saying she’s quitting her job because it’s been too trying. But other than that, the film doesn’t offer much to modern audiences. It’s full of cliches found in haunted house movies and doesn’t stand out amongst that subgenre. None of the characters are very well done and there are so many movies about old houses inhabited by ghosts that this one won’t be exciting.

While it was horrific to see Judy Greer’s character Karen Nelson die in halloween killsit was even worse to see Michael Myers kill Laurie Strode, the classic last daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween: Resurrection. Laurie is in a psychiatric hospital and Michael finds her and ends up ending her life.

While that movie was disappointing at the time, as horror fans never want to see Laurie die, it’s even worse to watch today, especially compared to the new trilogy. Fans want to see Laurie in a strong position where she is in complete control, and everything Halloween movie wasting Laurie is going to be a problem. Much better to stick with the 1978 film since Laurie is at her best there, battling Michael and believing she can make it through the evening.

The 2003 thriller Gothic has definitely aged, and the story feels problematic and offensive. Dr. Miranda Gray (Halle Berry) is a psychiatrist and when people believe she murdered her husband, she is locked up. The idea of ​​a woman being “crazy” and having to stay in a mental hospital is a tough horror-thriller film that fans would love to see go.

It’s impossible to watch this movie and think the events of the story make sense because Miranda is treated so badly and no one believes everything she says. Watching this character struggle and suffer is overwhelming, and the film isn’t scary or interesting. It’s hard not to focus on how badly Miranda is treated and how unfair that is.

Although original When a stranger calls is a good horror movie about babysitters, the 2006 remake has nothing to do with it. While it might have been fun to watch when it first came out, as it has a lot of the hallmarks of cheesy 2000s horror movies, the story seems really boring now.

The film consists of the main character Jill Johnson (Camilla Belle) walking through the dark and creepy house where she takes care of the children. But since the audience knows the classic story of a babysitter dealing with a killer hidden in the house, the story doesn’t pan out at all. The movie has also aged a lot because when contemporary horror audiences watch it, the idea of ​​a killer stalking a teenager feels like it’s been done so many times before. Jill seems to have no idea how to save herself, and she’s not an exciting horror movie character.

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