5 Great Horror Movies With Weak Premises

The premise of a horror movie is crucial, because it’s what sells the movie to audiences hoping they’ve found their new favorite movie. Whether it’s classic films or new releases, the story is what draws people in, suggesting a terrifying ride full of surprises.

Sometimes a movie has a silly premise that’s hard to take seriously, but the movie is a lot of fun. Other times, the story is a bit weak and thin, leading audiences to wonder if there will be enough plot in the movie. There are several well-crafted horror movies with premise that leave something to be desired.


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At first it seems that the premise of When a stranger calls is similar to 1974 black christmas, as both films are based on the urban legend “The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs”. This tale is also mentioned in the 1998 horror film Urban legend with other stories. Both films involve a young woman (or a group of young women) who receives frightening phone calls and realizes that a killer is pursuing them.

Based on the premise, it doesn’t seem like When a stranger calls would be so compelling. Carol Kane’s character, Jill Johnson, is babysitting when a man keeps calling her, which gets scarier as the night goes on. Years later, Jill has her own family and he returns. The story might seem a little thin, especially by today’s standards, but Kane gives an incredible performance and the film is one of the best childcare horror movies.

Jamie Lee Curtis couldn’t be more loved for playing the last girl Laurie Strode in Halloween…but when horror fans think about it, the 1978 film’s premise falls a little thin. A teenager is babysitting on October 31 when she realizes that a killer has escaped from an institution and returns to the house and street of her childhood?

Of course, after watching the movie, it becomes clear that the concept works and there are so many strong elements here, from the acting to the music to the overall setting. Although the story is simple, Michael Myers is a strong and iconic villain, which makes the movie the classic that it is.

The 2014 movie friendless is a creative horror movie, but when fans hear the premise, it doesn’t sound that exciting, and it doesn’t really seem to work. A group of teenage friends are chatting online when a random person enters the chat. They think it’s weird but try to ignore that person. Before long, however, they begin to wonder if this person is the spirit of Laura Barnes, a classmate who tragically took her own life.

Hearing the movie unfold on Blair Lily’s (Shelley Henning) laptop screen also seems confusing, as it’s hard to imagine it will make for an engaging and scary movie. However, friendless is a happy surprise, with strong characters hiding secrets that could hurt each other, which drives the story forward.

The horror movie of 2019 Mom is an underrated horror movie from Blumhouse and also has a weak premise. In fact, it doesn’t even sound like something out of a horror movie: A lonely woman named Sue Ann “Ma” Ellington (played by Octavia Spencer) lets teenagers party in the basement of her house. While this is intriguing, with audiences immediately wondering why she would do this, how could this result in a terrifying and interesting film?

The premise might sound a bit odd, but the movie is incredibly well done, with surprises, twists, turns, and great characters. Maggie Thompson (Diana Silvers) is at the heart of the film as an insecure but sweet teenager who just wants to fit in, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in the story of what happened to My.

There are many classic horror movies whose fans X will love, because the Ti West 2022 movie is surprising, artistic and unique, but it also reminds fans of several movies of the famous genre. At first glance, however, X might not have the most interesting premise: a group of filmmakers are shooting an adult film and they rent a house in the countryside so they can make it and become rich and famous. This might not appeal to so many people and yet X is one of the most interesting horror films of recent years.

The film goes beyond the premise and has a lot to say about youth, aging, thinking about other people’s expectations, chasing dreams, and defending oneself. The film also feels like an entry in a good old-school slasher franchise.

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