15 paranormal experiences people had on film sets


Believe me, don’t read this alone in the dark.

Horror movies are made to be terrifying. However, sometimes the real horror happens behind the scenes.

Here are 15 of the scariest paranormal encounters cast and crew said they’ve experienced on horror movie sets:


The first time the cast of Annabelle comes home were all together on set, the lights went out and they didn’t come back on until the cast asked, “Annabelle, are you there?”

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When the lights came back on, Mckenna Grace, 12, had a profuse nosebleed.


The twilight zone It was already believed to be casting a curse on its stars leading to mysterious deaths, and this culminated when a helicopter crash on the set of the film adaptation killed actor Vic Morrow and two child actors.

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After the accident, the vice president of Warner Bros. John Silvia created a committee to develop safety rules for every aspect of the film industry.


During filming Conspiracy, actress Vera Farmiga began to see a mysterious trio of claw marks everywhere, from her computer screen to her own thigh.

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The demon in the movie has three fingers and three talons.


According to urban legend, the spirit of Heather O’Rourke, the child actor who starred in Fighting spirit, haunted the whole of Ghost.

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Ghost was filmed on the same stage where Heather was filmed once.


Film for The Exorcist was closed for six weeks after everything in the MacNeil family home burned down – except for the room possessed by Regan’s demon.

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The production brought in a Jesuit priest to bless the decor.


An accidental fire in the processing laboratory destroyed 13,500 feet of The omen remake of the film, including the scene which reveals the identity of the antichrist.

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The infamous birthmark scene had to be taken over in its entirety.


During filming The devil’s house, the cast and crew stayed at the supposedly haunted Yankee Pedlar Inn, and they “would go and shoot this satanic horror movie nearby, but the strangest things would happen at the hotel.”

Magnet release / Via youtube.com

The experience inspired director Ti West to return to the hotel and do Innkeepers, a film about the history behind it.


On the set of Annabelle comes home, a piano bench moved by itself around the replica of the Warrens’ artifact room.

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He moved through the night several times, despite the tray being locked.


During filming Conspiracy, Vera Farmiga woke up several times between 3 and 4 a.m. – Witch’s Time – which is also the time the movie’s witch died.


While filming a scene for The nun in a romanian castle, director Corin Hardy entered a room to get away from the camera and saw two mysterious figures.

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After the take, he turned to speak to the men he assumed were crew members, but they were gone.


Actress Laura Harrington “always felt like someone was going to die” on the set of Maximum Overdrive, a fear that was compounded by the near-death experiences of several crew members as well as the hurricane that struck during production.

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“Every day we had security because the film was a very dangerous film,” said camera assistant Silvia Giulietti.


A series of inexplicable events, like exploding lights in important scenes and gusts of wind in a room with closed doors, on the set of The possession led actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan to believe in the supernatural.

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When production was over, a fire destroyed all props except for the haunted box replica Dybbuk which inspired the film.


2013 movie Return to Babylon was shot on a silent film from the cinema age, and the actors’ faces appeared to periodically turn into demons as the scenes were replayed.

Alex Monty Canawati / Via youtube.com

Director Alex Monty Canawati sent the film to experts at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, but they couldn’t find any explanation for the ghostly figures.


A few weeks of filming Conspiracy, actor Joey King woke up covered in unexplained bruises, which also happened to his character’s mother in the film.

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

The problem disappeared towards the end of production and never returned.


And finally, while The Lords of Salem was shooting in the allegedly haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital, a buzzer kept ringing in a patient’s room, despite there being no patients there.

Anchor Bay Films / Via youtube.com

Jennifer Spence, a member of the team, told Cosmopolitan: “I’m sure there was something in there, especially in the basement.”

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