10 Villagers Who Could Easily Be Horror Movie Villains In Animal Crossing

Aside from Animal Crossing’s fan-made horror-themed islands, it’s not often that the series crosses paths with the horror genre, as it’s known for being wholesome rather than scary. However, when it comes to some villagers, there’s definitely more to it than meets the eye.

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When you think about it, if these villagers were to appear in a horror movie setting, they’d be a lot scarier than their cute image would suggest. Whether it’s their design, overall theme, or just what they say, these villagers could stand alongside legends like Leatherface, Dracula, and Pinhead if they were to star in their own movie. horror.


10/10 Ancient Curse: Ankha

The appearance of the Snooty Ankha cat villager is based on the Egyptian pharaohs and the cat-like goddess Bastet. The interior of Ankha’s house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is certainly fit for royalty, as it is decorated with golden furniture.

Ankha has not one, but two golden coffins in her house, which begs the question, what (or who) is she hiding in there? A horror movie starring Ankha as the villain could involve her taking revenge on the greedy archaeologists who dare to rob her tomb. However, in the case of this horror movie, you’d be hard-pressed not to cheer Ankha on.

9/10 He does not come in peace: Cephalobot

Smug octopus villager Cephalobot looks like a robot, presumably from outer space, as the interior of his home in New Horizons resembles a spaceship. Oddly enough, along with its crew member seat and cold sleep pod, Cephalobot has a skull-shaped cabinet and an operating room cart, suggesting that something sinister is going on aboard this alien spacecraft.

Rather than an ET situation, it could be devastating to the human race if Cephalobot were to visit Earth, as the inside of its home is primed for alien abduction. Cephalobot’s description in Pocket Camp says it might be able to “shoot laser beams from its eyes”, so you’ll need to watch out for that as well.

8/10 Two is scarier than one: Chrissy and Francine

Creepy identical twins have been a staple of horror movies, the most famous of which are the sisters in The Shining. Although they don’t have the same birthday, Chrissy and Francine are siblings who imitate each other right down to their similar appearances and reverse colors.

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In the Animal Crossing universe, Chrissy and Francine are best known for appearing on the cover of Bubblegum KK as pop stars, but there might be something lurking beneath their upbeat personalities. Chrissy and Francine would do anything to maintain their popularity – anything.

7/10 Everything for the experiment: Petri

Introduced in New Horizons update 2.0, Petri is a lab mouse in the sense that she enjoys scientific experimentation, except in this case she is the scientist rather than the test subject. Petri’s favorite saying, “Our DNA is just the beginning of the story”, shows his dedication to his scientific research.

If Petri were to star in a horror movie as a villain, it would be a similar situation to the 1985 film Re-Animator, as his research could take a dark turn, with Petri determined to get results no matter the cost.

6/10 Definitely hiding something: Dotty

As a Peppy villager, Dotty has a bright disposition which means she will get along well with other villagers and be a bubbly personality on your island. Like other people of her type, Dotty aspires to become a pop star. Although, when discussing her singing career, she might blurt out her true intentions, saying, “Basements are for screaming!” No one will hear you!”, then quickly covers his tracks by saying, “Singing! I meant to sing.

Dotty’s usually black eyes also turn red when overcome with strong emotion, giving her an unsettling appearance in addition to her secret hobbies.

5/10 What’s on his back? : Hopkins

At first glance, lazy villager Hopkins appears to be a normal rabbit, but if you approach him from behind, you’ll see a suspicious valve that suggests this villager is a sentient inflatable – the perfect premise for a movie monster. ‘horror .

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Hopkins’ favorite saying, “A wise mammal leaves danger out,” is somewhat alarming when paired with the relatively harmless Animal Crossing universe. This begs the question of what danger is Hopkins talking about? Perhaps in Hopkins’ case, the danger could be any sharp object that could deflate him and reveal his secret.

4/10 All in the Eyes: Judy

At first glance, little pastel Judy seems like the very definition of the word stylish, with stars in her eyes and pink and blue ombré fur. However, Judy’s Snooty personality tells a different story. When Judy is startled, her pupils shrink to tiny dots, contrasting with her usually large, sparkling eyes.

This expression makes Judy more dangerous than her cute design initially makes her appear, showing her true personality underneath. If she were to star in a horror movie, that expression would be the very last thing her victims would see.

3/10 Pale as porcelain: Muffy

Villager Sister Muffy is known for her gothic aesthetic which is evident in both her choice of outfit and her home decor. Its design is reminiscent of a porcelain doll thanks to its white face and pink cheeks, as well as its piercing blue eyes.

A horror movie starring Muffy could make the most of her doll-like appearance, as she could join other gruesome dolls, like Annabelle, haunting anyone who dares to offend her opulent tastes. Since Muffy’s catchphrase is “black nightshade”, referring to a family of plants (some of which are poisonous), you’ll have to be careful when accepting a cup of tea from her.

2/10 The Perfect Revenge: Raymond

The cat villager Raymond caused a stir among Animal Crossing fans when he was introduced to New Horizons, with many people selling him for millions of Bells and even asking for money in exchange for the mere pleasure of returning him. visit. It’s the perfect setup for a villain origin story.

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As a business cat, Raymond has the connections to exact revenge on those who have wronged him, American Psycho-style. Raymond’s immaculate image means no one would suspect him, making him a sneaky villain.

1/10 Murder at Tiffany’s: Tiffany

Many people attributed Tiffany’s appearance to Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. However, in terms of looks, Tiffany is more like Tiffany Valentine from the Child’s Play movies, as she’s not afraid to wear bold makeup and even a pair of fishnet pantyhose.

Tiffany’s standout design means she’s definitely suited to join the ranks of other female villains in horror movies, especially when combined with her snooty personality, making her someone he’s never been around. should not laugh. All in all, you wouldn’t want to mess with this bunny.

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