10 Terrifying Taiwanese Horror Movies You MUST See

When it comes to horror cinema, the general public tends to get a little stuck in certain places. Like a scream queen running from a slasher, it’s easy to rush down an alley you already know rather than an alley you’ve never walked before. That’s why many casual horror audiences tend to stick with what they know.

The monolithic influence of Hollywood horror is one of those easy avenues, as tons of movies are released every year, which means you’re never starving for content. There’s also the terrifying world of J-horror, with Japan being a place where many horror lovers go for their spooky moments.

However, while countries like the United States, Japan, and others deserve their reputation as horror experts, there are plenty of other places that make nightmare movies, and one that often gets overlooked is Taiwan.

Taiwan is a country that is not particularly known for its cinema. Still, it has released some phenomenal horror movies that will keep you entertained all night, mostly because you won’t be able to sleep after watching them.

So let’s dive down the Taiwanese horror movie‘s rabbit hole – you might end up finding some of your new favorites.

It’s great when a horror movie can take something ordinary and make it terrifying. But it’s even better when it can turn an already scary/weird practice into a complete horror show. That’s what happens in this Taiwanese horror movie.

The Bride follows a young man (Liu Cheng-Hao) who is having the time of his life. His career is going well and he has a loving fiancé. But things suddenly take a turn for the worse after he picks up a red envelope on the street and becomes the subject of supernatural occurrences. Meanwhile, a teenage girl who can see ghosts is haunted by a vengeful spirit.

This film is inspired by ghost weddings, a custom that originated in China but has been practiced around the world. In this tradition, one or both parties of a marriage have died. But that’s not the same as being a widow; no, it is the act of actively marrying a deceased person. If that doesn’t spell a strong ghost story, then what does?

The film is incredibly scary, with a rich atmosphere and big twists. While that doesn’t change the supernatural haunting formula much, the connection to a real-life custom gives it a fascinating edge.

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