10 Other Horror Projects Kevin Bacon Could Star In

Kevin Bacon Currently Stars in Blumhouse Conversion Camp Horror Film They they (streaming on Peacock), but it’s far from his first time in the horror genre. Perhaps most notably, Bacon’s first feature aside from the classic national pamphletThe animal house was none other than the equally classic Sean S. Cunningham Friday 13.

Bacon’s role in that first Jason Voorhees movie (minus the Jason of it all) has gone on to be considered one of the franchise’s most memorable, but even that’s not the high point of horror work. of Bacon. Considering how he’s dipped his toes into the genre occasionally and fairly regularly over the decades, Bacon has featured in some very different but equally memorable terrors, and it’s a trend that’s set to continue in the future.


ten A project with Jordan Peele

Nope is one more hit under Jordan Peele’s belt, and just as Bacon is currently starring in a Blumhouse movie with something on his mind, Peele debuted an (announced) Blumhouse movie with similar sociopolitical leanings.

Blumhouse is a phenomenal production house that goes against the money-money-money in favor of the artist-artist-artist, and it’s almost exclusively for the benefit of Jason Blum and others. So far, Bacon has had some success with them, although it has been in a few of their lesser-rated films. The constant in these three works is the caliber of performance he brings to the table, and there’s no doubt that Blumhouse would be foolish not to want to continue their professional relationship after. They they.

9 A second film with Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven ended his series of American films with hollow mana critically-rejected sci-fi horror-thriller that ultimately bites off more than it can chew, but has a lot of fun getting to the third act.

The film gives Bacon a particularly sinister antagonistic role, and he savors every moment, even if his superb performance isn’t enough to make hollow man one of Verhoeven’s best films.

8 A suite of Flatliners

A remake of Flatliners was attempted in 2017, but this movie holds a mind-blowing 4% rating on rotten tomatoes. Instead of a remake, why not a sequel, whether it’s a feature film or a mini-series?

And, if that’s the way, why not bring Bacon back in one of his most underrated roles? The only character who nearly died for real in Joel Schumacher’s original film was Kiefer Sutherland’s Nelson Wright, but even he lived, and Sutherland (just released The contractor) would probably be up for further exploration of the afterlife.

seven Something with Sam Raimi in the MCU

If Willem Dafoe Wasn’t In Sam Raimi’s Wonderful Well-Aged Spider Man (2002), Bacon would have made an excellent goblin. Also, Bacon has yet to appear in an MCU episode, and now that Raimi has been cast, it’s time to make up for the missed opportunity.

Bacon had a memorable role in one of the best installments in Marvel’s mutant franchise, X-Men: First Class, but he wouldn’t be the first actor to star in two major superhero projects. If Chris Evans can play the protagonist in The Fantastic Four and Captain America: The First Avenger, Bacon can certainly play the antagonist twice. Plus, Raimi introduced both zombies and the X-Men to the MCU, and Bacon wants to play Shaw again.

6 Friday 13

By slasher rules, Bacon’s Jack didn’t deserve to live Friday 13but his character’s ending manages to remain the end of horror movie death scenes, Friday 13 or otherwise.

Bacon had no problem laughing at the cinematic significance of his post-coital demise, even going so far as to routinely sign a photo of himself with the arrow in his throat. Additionally, Bacon even reprized the role in a series of commercials for British telephone company EE. Now that the franchise’s legal rights are all but clear, Bacon could be involved in a new installment, even if only as a producer (although a cameo as a store owner could also be fun). .

5 A film with Ti West

Ti West is one of many directors largely responsible for most of the best horror of the past decade. The pinnacle of his talent (so far) has been on full display throughout his X (2021), and its blatant love of slasher genre mechanics is a great match for Bacon.

Next up for West is the prequel to Xentitled pearl, but after that, the sky’s the limit. Due to XDue to West’s success (and quality), West will start getting higher budgets. But even if he keeps things small with A24 from now on, it’s a production house as suited to Bacon’s sensibilities as his frequent collaborator Blumhouse.

4 Another Political Horror Film

After darkness, Bacon took on a slightly more hands-on role with his collaborations with Blumhouse. Namely, he was also a producer on You should have left and They they.

They they easily plays as the most personal, and it stands to reason that the politically aware and kind actor played an important role in transforming the film into an inclusive one. Ultimately, the reviews may not have been great, but there’s a lot to be said for how movies like They they are an opportunity for artists from all walks of life to have their stories told.

3 Tremors

The long duration Tremors The franchise (responsible for one of DTV’s best sequels) was never meant to be a movie series, and it probably shouldn’t have been if you were looking at the tax side of things. The first film was a box office hit, even with Bacon’s name on the marquee, and it would be the only time a Tremors slice would play on the big screen.

Bacon was initially reluctant to take on the role of a ranch hand taking on massive carnivorous worms, but any career retrospective video on YouTube shows his face light up while discussing the 1990 adventure horror film. He even reprized the role of Val McKee for Syfy in 2018, but the network eventually moved on. Blumhouse participated in this pilot project, and if Tremors is made with the right amount of genre-blending (e.g. by Blumhouse), this could make for a great legacy sequel. The late Fred Ward’s Earl Bassett unfortunately won’t be able to join his pal Val, but the film could pay homage to him at the Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Egon.

2 freddie

Restart freddie without Robert Englund is overall a problematic idea, as seen in 2010, when even Jackie Earle Haley couldn’t breathe enough new life into the character. Bacon, however, despite being an amazing actor overall, is terrific as a villain, and he could do the character justice while creating something a little new.

Plus, Bacon seems ready for it. Asked by Bloody disgusting in 2020, the actor was asked if he would accept the role. Her response: “Of course. It would take a lot of makeup.”

1 Another original project with Blumhouse

The fact that Bacon only acted in darkness but had a producer role on the Tremors pilot, They theyand You should have left is indicative of a healthy and growing working relationship. Fans hope that Tremors pilot is something that could be reanimated (it would be a lock for Blumhouse and Bacon), but regardless, the actor and the studio must continue to merge.

Chances are they will, as Bacon is pretty open in interviews about how he mostly sticks to more interesting roles in smaller projects. Blumhouse intends to give artists the creative freedom to generate unique and memorable work, and that’s Bacon’s wheelhouse.

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