10 horror movies that brutally punish survivors


The horror world is so often famous for its survivors as much as its classic villains.

For every Michael Myers, there is a Laurie Strode. For every Freddy Krueger there’s a Nancy Thompson, For every Ghostface there’s a Sidney Prescott. And for every Jason Voorhees, there is a ridiculous number of throwaway teens who will eventually die before someone gets out of Camp Crystal Lake alive.

The point is, for some of those lucky enough to come out of their respective films with their lives intact, it’s not always the sun and the rainbows that await them. Instead, there is still more torment and fear that awaits us; whether it’s a disturbing new threat, the physical fallout from their previous fight, or even the mental impact of their frightening encounter and experience.

It is on these troubled survivors that attention is drawn here, with the spotlight on these horror characters who end up winning by overcoming obstacles, but always end up being punished more in some way or another. another as their story unfolds. to an end.

The Madmen of 2010 was one of those rare remakes that managed to be as good, if not better, than the original film – in this case, George A. Romero’s 1973 photo of the same name.

Located in Ogden Marsh, Iowa, our two central protagonists are Local Sheriff David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) and his pregnant wife Judy (Radha Mitchell). When some residents of Ogden Marsh begin to act erratically and aggressively, the Duttons discover that the reason for the behavior is a contaminated water supply caused by a military plane crashing into the local river.

From there, Ogden Marsh is completely cut off from the outside world, soldiers arrive, and then a possible order is given to kill the entire population of the town rather than risk the spread of this infection.

In a race against time, The Crazies finale finds David and Judy in a semi-truck, seeking to outrun the impending nuclear explosion that will wipe out their city. Managing to get enough distance between them and this blast, the couple read to each other to start a new life in nearby Cedar Rapids.

However, as the Duttons set off on foot to start anew, the audience is shown that the military is watching them, implying that David and Judy will soon have another almighty fight on their hands.


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