10 Favorite Physical Comedy Bits (According To Reddit)

the hit NBC sitcom, Friends, has one of the liveliest Reddit fanbases. Viewers who are always looking for more in-depth information about the show’s unforgettable moments, underrated episodes, and more know that Reddit is the ultimate destination. Against this backdrop, it’s not hard to wonder if Redditors have a different take on the show’s best slapstick gags and comedic downfalls.

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Each Friends the character frequently performed physical gags for comedic effect. They used unique and specific techniques to deliver their acts. While fans’ favorite physical and slapstick gags vary, one thing is clear — Reddit loves watching Chandler and Joey’s physical comedy.


When Joey impersonated Chandler

Joey wears all Chandler's clothes in Friends

There’s no denying that “The One Where Nobody’s Ready” is the funniest Friends Season 3 episode. As Ross tries to get his friends ready for a tie party at his museum, Joey and Chandler clash over a chair.

It was a favorite time for that Reddit userwho loved the moment “Joey wore all of Chandler’s clothes and made impressions of [him].” Although the premise seems simple, the dialogue and comedy that accompanies Joey’s sudden moves are downright hilarious.

When Ross yelled at Joey for ripping his shirt pocket

Phoebe Ross and Joey standing in Monica's hallway in Friends

The pocket bit is the standout moment of Season 10 “The One with the Late Thanksgiving.” As we see, everyone is late to the Thanksgiving dinner that Mondler didn’t even want to throw in the first place. Monica is understandably hurt and she locks her door to keep the gang out.

redditor internetornator love Joey’s pocket-tearing move in the scene, especially “Ross’ reaction” like the way he says “HEY!” Makes me laugh hysterically.” The beauty of the scene is the sheer suddenness of Joey’s action and of course the band then tries to sell their terrible story.

When Joey Acts Like Chandler’s Prototype Sneakers Are Burning His Fingers

Joey holding Chandler's prototype sneakers at Monica's in Friends

At the top of redditor bartledo90Physical comedy hits are the hilarious sneaker scene from Season 9’s “The One with the Mugging.” They say they love the track, “…where Chandler has to come up with a shoe commercial and Joey them takes it and gets all excited…and acts like they burned it!”

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Due to the flames on the shoes, Joey then proceeds to pretend to have touched a hot object in a dramatic fashion. Seeing him get excited about Chandler’s sneaker prototypes is a priceless moment of the show.

When Joey pushed a neighbor down

Joey talks to Monica and Chandler outside their door in Friends

In this episode, Monica makes holiday candy to get to know her neighbors better. She hangs a basket full of sweets outside her door and decides to do more when she learns that the neighbors have been coming all day. Eventually, Monica’s candy making spirals out of control and she is unable to keep up with demand. What is his neighbor and best friend, Joey, doing? He pushes a neighbor out of his way to demand more candy. The candy demanding scene is all about that awkward loud action and Joey’s slapstick gag is one for the books.

When Chandler keeps Joey from dating Emma’s nanny

Joey falls to the floor and Chandler stands in the hallway in Friends

Joey was the mischievous friend of the group, and sometimes his friends had to keep an eye on him to keep things from falling apart. One such example is in Season 9’s “The One With Phoebe’s Rats.” Ross has hired a capable nanny, named Molly, for Emma and he doesn’t want to risk losing her.

While Joey does his best to flirt with Molly, Ross wants Chandler to interfere every time Joey goes out to see her. User jgonz185 says they love this particular bit of physical comedy, especially when, “Joey comes out of his apartment and Chandler jumps down the hall…And Joey falls to the floor.” The scene plays out hilariously, with Joey falling to the ground in one fluid motion.

When Phoebe dances to flirt with Chandler

Phoebe dances for Chandler in her living room in Friends

Season 5’s “The One Where Everyone Finds Out” is one of Friends episodes that prove Monica and Chandler were kindred spirits. The hysterical plot involves Phoebe trying to flirt with Chandler just to admit the truth about her relationship with Monica.

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The really hilarious part starts at Chandler’s when he and Phoebe each bluff to see who drops their act first. This editor love this track and they write that their favorite moment is when “Chandler [does a] frenetic impression of Phoebe dancing […and] Also its real dance. It was quite a funny scene and some fans wondered if it could all have been improvised since their reactions all seemed very genuine.

When Joey pushes Ross into his fridge

Chandler stands by as Joey pushes Ross into his fridge in Friends

In one of Joey’s most memorable episodes (“The One With Joey’s Fridge”), he hits rock bottom. He’s between jobs, has no money, and to top it off, his fridge breaks down. This then leads to Joey trying to get other people to pay, including his ex-roommate Chandler. When nothing works, he pushes Ross into the fridge and blames him for breaking it.

User FlanForThree recalled the hilarious moment, saying: “One of my favorite scenes in the whole series is when Chandler, Joey and Ross are all talking in the boys’ apartment and then Joey just pushes Ross into the fridge and says he broke it.” They are right and fans consider him one of them Friends’ scenes that turn into golden physical comedy.

When Ross, Chandler and Joey prevent the Greens from seeing each other

Rachel's friends separated Leonard and Sandra

The two-part “The One with Two Parties” proved that everyone in the gang was a master of physical comedy. The plot involved Rachel’s estranged parents showing up at her birthday party and the group trying to make sure they stay apart throughout.

Redditor riserrr love the hilarity of the episode and the physical comedy that unfolds onscreen. Their favorite is the part, “…where Rachel’s parents are at the two separate parties across the hall, and Ross, Chandler, and Joey are doing all sorts of fun physical stuff to keep them from seeing each other.” The comedy towards the end is absolutely brilliant, and separating the Greens is really an exercise. It’s no wonder the Redditor loves the scene so much.

When Chandler scares Joey with darts

Joey falls to the ground seeing Chandler turn on him with a dart in Friends

Reddit user gnitsuj love the physical comedy bit in “The One with the Giant Jab Device”. They talk about when Chandler learns that Janice is torn between him and her ex-husband and Joey surprises him as he angrily throws darts.

The Redditor particularly likes the moment that unfolds when “…Chandler turns around halfway…” and Joey falls to the ground. Fans absolutely agree with them and credit Chandler and Joey’s chemistry for making the scene memorable.

When Chandler mocks Joey’s Pinnochio role

Chandler Monica Rachel and Joey

Reddit user quesadilla17 says their favorite physical comedy bit is “…in the pilot when Chandler pokes fun at Joey’s role in Pinocchio and dances out of the room singing. His little puppet dance is so funny to watch”

The production of The Wee One Pinnochio ranks bottom of all of Joey’s jobs in Friends. In the show’s pilot, when Rachel asks if each band member has a job, Joey proudly claims he’s an actor. Chandler then breaks into a hilarious puppet dance, singing “Once I was a wooden boy, a little wooden boy…” as he walks out of Monica’s living room. Although Joey remains stunned, Chandler knows he scored himself a memorable scene.

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