10 comedy movies from the 90s that deserved sequels


Sequels are popular in the comedy genre because not only do they have an existing fan base, they are cheap to produce and easy to develop. And while the 1990s are full of sequels to great comedic films, others built compelling worlds and characters to stay on their own.

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Whether it’s because the original film failed, the director lost interest, or they just thought there was no more story to tell, these films are one. But between Adam Sandler’s underrated vehicles, genius reality TV satires, and forgotten fantasy comedies, these ’90s films more than any other deserved sequels.

ten Mallrats (1995)

Jason Lee on the dating game at Mallrats.

Kevin Smith built his own universe, and he did so over a decade before the MCU started. Mallrats is full of characters from other films by the director such as Clerk and Jay and Silent Bob strike back. However, while these two beloved comedies have had sequels, and Clerk III is currently in production, Mallrats has been unfairly left out.

Of all the View Askewniverse movies, TS and Brodie are the most relevant characters, but they’ve been unfairly left out of every other movie. However, there has been a Mallrats 2 in development for years, since Kevin Smith claimed the screenplay was finished in early 2020. But Smith has developed two more films since then.

9 The Truman Show (1998)

Truman stands beside Seahaven in The Truman Show

The Truman Show is a perfect movie, as it follows a man who doesn’t know he’s been the star of a reality show since birth. The film ends with him discovering the truth and entering the real world.

While what happens to Truman after he enters the real world doesn’t necessarily need to be said, fans are dying to know. A sequel would still work today, 23 years later. The Truman Show is scathing media satire, and since reality TV has only grown in popularity since 1998, it would be interesting to see how a sequel released today would reflect that.

8 Dazed and Confused (1993)

Wooderson, Pink and Mitch enter the Emporium in Dazed and Confused

With so many coming-of-age comedies released in the ’90s, none have been as touching as Dazed and confused. Not only was it engaging and easy to understand for viewers the same age as the characters, but its’ 70s setting made an entire generation of audiences feel like they were born in the wrong decade.

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The movie is different from other 70s-based movies simply because it follows teenagers instead of adults, and that’s why there should have been a sequel. No matter how fit a 40-year-old actor is, he’ll never have the same energy as a group of teenagers who grew up in the ’70s. A follow-up could have seen the gang grapple with more decisions that change life at this age.

7 South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut (1999)

South Park: bigger, longer and uncut is more than just a feature film episode of the series. So much effort has gone into the narrative, and Bigger, longer and uncut also has the best music. As awesome as the series is, no episode has packed so many surreal sequences with moments of laughter out loud about current political events. There should have been a sequel soon after, but given the development of Team America and the Tony Award-winning musical The Book of Mormon, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s interests are clearly elsewhere.

However, since the 1999 film Parker and Stone have done an impeccable job taking advantage of every entertainment medium possible with South Park. There have been two universally acclaimed video games, which basically look like 20 hour movies. The second game, The fractured but whole, even has an equally ridiculous pun title as the movie.

6 A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

A Night at Roxbury with Will Ferrel as Steve Butabi and Chris Kattan as Doug Batabi

One night at the Roxbury is a debut film directed by Will Ferrell and based on one of the funniest Saturday Night Live sketch. He follows two brothers as they attempt to seduce women into clubs, and he features one of the best nightclub scenes in a movie at titular Roxbury.

Instead of being like the others SNL movies like Wayne’s world Where The blue brothers, which had consequences, Roxbury remains a stand-alone film. The film had so much potential for a follow-up, especially as the brothers become part-owners of the Roxbury at the end of the film, but as is the case with most of Ferrell’s films, it was simply a and done. .

5 Election (1999)

Election is essentially about a man who extends what little power he has as far as he can. But at the same time, he’s scared of teenage Tracy, just because she’s intellectual and defies him. If the film had been released today it would have garnered a tremendous amount of attention, but unfortunately it was overlooked and bombarded when it was first released.

However, it still could have had a big following following Tracy, now a graduate of Omaha high school and a student at Georgetown University. The movie would have challenged Tracy in a college setting and described how she dealt with them in her hilarious and fierce nature.

4 What about Bob? (1991)

What about Bob?

After a period in the 80s when Bill Murray just couldn’t lose, What about Bob? was his first major film of the ’90s and laid the groundwork for another hugely successful decade. The film is about a patient who is too attached to his psychiatrist and who ends up following him to his vacation home.

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While this is far from an accurate description of how a psychiatrist would treat a patient in such a situation, it does lead to some hilarious sequences where the psychiatrist ends up acting crazier than the patient. As the two learn to love each other as an odd couple at the end of the film, it could have led to all kinds of possibilities for a sequel.

3 Death Becomes Her (1992)

Death becomes her is about two women who drink a potion that promises eternal youth, but with bad side effects. It follows that women fight for a man’s affection while trying to deal with the side effects at the same time. There could have been a sequel that would follow a different group of characters who find the same potion, and they also have to deal with it in non-ideal situations.

Since there was no sequel – and there is no plan for a sequel – there could at least be a reboot, as the film has a timeless premise and a strong message about vanity. And, given that the film has gained a strong following in the LGBT community in recent years (even inspiring a season of RuPaul’s Drag Race), the film is now arguably more popular than it ever was. A reboot couldn’t come at a better time.

2 The Great Lebowski (1998)

The great Lebowski is one of many cult classic films written and directed by the Coen brothers. The film is partly a crime film, partly a comedy, and it takes place in an exaggerated and fantasy world. No other film has a more cult status than The great Lebowski, and the idea of ​​a sequel to the film was always unlikely, as the director duo had never returned to any of their older films before, but they still had a lot of potential.

Even though it wasn’t an official sequel, The great Lebowski had a spin-off called The scrolls of Jesus years later, and it follows John Turturro’s character, Jesus, recently released from prison. It was more of a passionate Turturro project, and the Coen brothers weren’t involved in it at all.

1 Grandpa (1999)

Adam Sandler’s films can almost be split into two groups. There are those who are based in exotic locations, and the rest are based in New York. big daddy falls into the latter category, as the 1999 film sees Sonny raising five-year-old Julian in the Big Apple until his biological father returns from a business trip.

big daddy combines all the hallmarks of the actor. The New York setting, a supporting cast of Sandler’s friends including Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi, and a schmalzy sentimentality were all in attendance. But the reason this more than deserves a sequel is to see where Sonny is in his life 22 years later.

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