10 Best Urban Horror Movies, According To Reddit

There are plenty of horror movies, from monster movies to slashers and ghost stories. However, many of these films are claustrophobic tales, trapping teenagers in a campground or families in a haunted house with little room to escape. There’s another arena for horror movies that’s a little less exploited in the cityscape.

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Urban horror films are those set in urban areas, usually in cities like Chicago or London, where the horrors are not confined to a singular location and can roam the streets claiming victims across the city. . As many Reddit users point out, when there are fewer places to hide, the horror becomes even more intense.


Candyman (1992) — Rent on Prime Video

Candyman prepares to kill his victim.

the original candy man From 1992 Is The Perfect Urban Horror Movie According To Reddit User @frederick_tussock. The whole thread started when the original poster said, “I went to see the new Candyman movie and I think it made me itch because I realized it was the first horror movie I’ve ever seen. saw unfold in a city.”

The answer was to see the original candy man. The film took place in Chicago and was based on an evil spirit that kills anyone who speaks its name five times in front of a mirror. Much of the action took place in Chicago neighborhoods, and there was nowhere a person could hide once they summoned the Candyman.

Se7en (1995) – Stream on Hulu

David Mills pointing his gun at John Doe at Se7en.

Se7fr is a very different style of horror movie. This David Fincher film took the form of a crime thriller, with a veteran cop and a young detective investigating a serial killer who used the seven deadly sins as a motive.

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However, it was a pure urban horror movie, and @MediumSpeedEddie recommended on Reddit. The film was set in and around an unnamed urban town, where detectives found victim after victim before the horrific climax.

The Midnight Meat Train (2008) – Stream On Vudu

Mahogany chains up his victims in The Midnight Meat Train.

An overlooked urban horror movie is midnight meat trainand @BusinessPurge recommended, writing that it was “NYC and Urban Horror plus great casting and kinetic gorefest”. This is a movie that has been underrated from the start.=

According to the story of Clive Barker, midnight meat train didn’t even have a proper theatrical release, with the studio tossing it into a handful of low-budget theaters before moving it to home video. The horror film stars Bradley Cooper as a man who comes face to face with a serial killer working for an underground supernatural entity.

Attack the Block (2011) – Stream on Starz

Moses leading his friends in Attack The Block.

Moving to UK, Attack the block took urban horror to the streets of London where a group of teenagers must survive an alien invasion while protecting their neighborhood. John Boyega starred in the film before breaking out with his role as Finn in the Star Wars prequels.

Editor @NotARandomNumber wrote, “Attack the Block is more of a sci-fi horror, but still fits. Same with Cloverfield.” Both were alien invasion movies, but Attack the block was more horror with monsters getting up close and personal.

People Under the Stairs (1991) — Rent on Prime Video

The parents of The People Under The Stairs.

In 1991, Wes Craven directed a horror comedy titled people under the stairswhich was about as far from his Nightmare on Elm Street franchise he could get. The film followed a young boy and two thieves who broke into a house and found more than they bargained for.

When asked about urban horror movies, @Mystero1983 suggested people under the stairsand @Spiritual-Soul5571 okay, writing, “It qualifies. It’s a great movie.”

It Follows (2014) – Stream on Netflix

The Giant Man closes in on a target in It Follows.

The film is set in one of America’s most urban cities Detroit. The film was recommended to anyone looking for an urban horror film, with @roboytherobotboy writing, “Definitely ‘follows’!”

Maniac Cop (1988) – Stream on AMC+

The Maniac Cop closes in on a victim.

manic cop is a 1988 cult classic, directed by Wiliam Lustig and starring Robert Z’Dar as a murderous former New York police officer who has returned from the dead and seeks revenge on all those who harm him. had done wrong. There were three films in the series.

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The film also starred Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell to add to its cult flavor. This made it an easy choice for @frederick_tussockwho recommended “the entire Maniac Cop trilogy”.

They Live (1988) — Rent on Prime Video

One of the aliens in a bar from They Live.

John Carpenter was responsible for some of the best horror movies of all time. He directed the slasher movie Halloweenwhich took place in a small neighborhood, and The thing, which took place in a remote Antarctic outpost. He also directed an urban horror and sci-fi film which was set in Los Angeles.

They live starred professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper as a drifter who finds a pair of sunglasses that allows him to see that an alien invasion is underway with aliens taking over humans’ bodies. Editor @frederick-tussock recommended it with Prince of Darknessalso by Carpenter.

Last Night in Soho (2021) — Rent on Prime Video

Sandie and Jack run into Last Night In Soho.

A more recent addition to urban horror films is Edgar Wright’s 2021 film Last night in Soho. In this film, a girl moves to London to study at a design school. It is here that she begins to have visions of the past and the life and death of another girl who moved there to become a singer decades ago.

Editor @apoplectic-confetti recommended both Last night in Soho and 28 days later like two urban horror films from the UK

Jacob’s Ladder (1990) – Stream On Hulu

Jacob Singer sees monsters in Jacob's Ladder.

Although there was a recent remake, fans might want to go back and watch the horror movie’s original release. Jacob’s ladder from 1990. The film starred Tim Robbins as a man who returned from war and ended up having visions of monsters pursuing him.

The film was set in New York City and opened with terrifying moments on the New York City subway. That was enough for Redditor @LongjumpingBox4874 recommend to anyone looking for an urban horror movie.

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