Loan interest rate set by law at a maximum of 10%

Credit providers are now like sand at the sea. The Good Finance industry is also facing strong competition. Unfortunately, there are also many sharks that attract customers with low prices, false interest rates, and promises. The Internet has played a major role in spreading false information.

The award of cheap Good Finances is possible. However, many factors play a major role. The definitive interest rate is tied to strict legal rules by the consumer credit law and is ultimately only set by the Good Finance Institute.

The loan interest rate set by law at a maximum of 10%

The loan interest rate set by law at a maximum of 10%

Good Finance advertises on the Internet with incredibly low-interest rates. In Switzerland, however, the interest rate for a personal loan cannot be set arbitrarily. The maximum interest rate of 10% applies since July 1, 2016. The Federal Council lowered the maximum interest rate for a personal loan. The Good Finance rate used to be a maximum of 15%.

The interest rate is determined based on income, expenses, creditworthiness (payment history) and other outstanding debts (mortgage, Good Finance card, etc.). This is called personal budgeting. The budget is calculated internally by the Good Finance Institute based on your information and checked.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with Good Finance institutions, we can now offer interest rates as low as 4.5%. This low-interest rate is tied to clear rules and is not set by us. However, professional advice can be helpful in making an assessment.

About us – recognized Good Finance mediators in Switzerland


As officially recognized Good Finance brokers, our experts have been working in the Swiss personal loan sector for over 30 years. These many years of experience are particularly helpful when assessing individual customer cases and different types of Good Finance. After receipt of the Good Finance request and receipt of all necessary documents, we can already make an initial assessment of a possible interest rate.

Optimally encrypted website for secure Good Finance request

Our new website is programmed with modern encryption. That means we do our best to protect your personal data. We also promise nothing but professional advice. We aim for the best possible Good Finance offer for you. Contact us for individual advice. Our team of experts is at your disposal for clarifying open questions. You can use our Good Finance calculator to calculate any costs.

What Those Who Do Not Have A Loan

If you had problems with any of the banks years ago or recently; this will appear on the information screen of all banks so that you will not receive any credit. Therefore, it is impossible for you to take out a loan in a short time without professional support.

However, thanks to us, you can correct your relationship with banks and ensure that you get credit on your behalf through completely legal means. If you have applied for a loan before, the loan result will probably be rejected. For this reason, you should fill in the application form on the page you are on and send us the loan amount and the maturity number you want. In this way, we will end our thoughts as to what I should do, and we will do a loan on your behalf in a short time.

During the application

You will be asked to enter various personal information and mandatory information about the loan. Fill out this information as if you were applying for a loan to a bank and take the first step to ensure a smooth credit exchange. First of all, our professional team will do detailed research on why you didn’t get a loan. Since we have thousands of customers who are waiting for credit, we do thousands of research, all these studies are done by a large number of our technical team and in a short time.

Thus, our team, which has become professional in this business, will prepare a plan as a result of very meticulous work and thus you will correct your relationship with banks. Banks need to contact them and handle your problem in order to accept credit.

Therefore, you do not have negative thoughts


Such as what I should do, and do not make any plans for the loan you will use. In this way, our expert team will carry out a study in line with the information you have provided in a short time and an intensive process will start for you to make a loan. We will try to reach you through your contact information as well as the personal information you provided during the application.

That’s why you should make sure to provide a usable phone number, email or messaging addresses. When you return in a short time, you will not believe our speed and you will be able to close your debts without any problems by using loans as much as you need from banks and thus you will live your life without any trouble.

How to get a Fast Money Credit?

Money need is an issue that people need immediately and they pay attention to use it quickly. Providing a rapid money flow should be prioritized to meet the current need, and then it should be possible to pay the person in a relaxed manner afterward.

Sometimes it causes difficulties due to the banks’ rating points system

Sometimes it causes difficulties due to the banks

An amount of such loans no longer occurs and you can get credit instantly, thanks to an institution that gives the right to the urgent cash money policy until the end, you will have instantly transferred any amount of credit to your account from Moreover, the amount you want to withdraw will certainly be transferred to your account without any undeserved money cuts in banks. You will be able to withdraw your money easily without having to worry about paying extra money.

You can use the amount of your money


In the same way and adjust the payment options for yourself, and adjust it according to how many months you want to pay. You will have the opportunity to withdraw loans not only for once, but also for your sudden monetary needs. There is not many transactions and paperwork you need to do.

All you have to do is fill out the application form that is on the site right away. Fill in the form correctly when filling out that our customer consultant who will call you should be able to share the most appropriate and special loan options for you. Your money will reach your account in the fastest way by determining the amount you want and how many months will be in your meeting with our customer advisor. Now you will stop roaming banks for urgent money.